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It's time to step into the future

We've all been there. CEO yelling for more while we frantically search for leads in various places, including LinkedIn, and relying on working harder and harder to achieve a result.

It's time to leave that old world behind us and embrace the future. The pressure to perform won’t change, but imagine a digital shopfront where you can display what you have to offer, then wait for the buyers to contact you!

From a simple, “General Enquiry” post, through to discreet listings for each of your key assets such as Shirt Sponsorships and others. All neatly on show, to interested brands and agencies who search, filter & sort to find what suits them...sending their interest direct to your email inbox.

Well the platform to enable this future is SportsXGlobal and is ready for you to get on board now. I’m not suggesting the great rights-holders in this mock up are on there yet, but it begs the question, why not? It only takes you a couple of minutes to register, and you have complete control over your listings. Over the next 12 months we won’t even be charging a commission on transactions via the platform. The fact is, if you want this future, we need you to put something up so that we have the inventory to attract the brands and agencies. If the listings are there, I guarantee you we will get buyers looking and interested in what you have to offer. And if you represent a brand that could be interested in buying sponsorships in the future, register now and as we grow, you'll be exposed to more and more opportunity. It's early days, and yes, change takes time. But the time is now to start the shift to a better way. I'm always available so if you want to discuss what can work for you and your business, please just reach out.

Matt Rudd Chief Executive Officer


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