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Creating Memorable Fan Experiences: How LED Technology is Revolutionising Sports Venues

At Pixon Technology, we understand that technology should serve a larger purpose - to create meaningful experiences. That's why we focus on the experience first, and then use our expertise in LED technology to bring it to life.

And when it comes to sports venues, the possibilities are endless. Here are three ways LED technology is transforming the sports experience for clubs and venues:

1. Augmented Reality

By overlaying digital information onto the real world, clubs and venues can create immersive experiences for fans. At the Western Sydney Wanderers FC, fans scan their membership card at the stadium to access exclusive content such as player interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. This provides fans with a unique and immersive experience that has materially increased their connection with the team.


2. Dynamic Signage

With LED panels, clubs and venues can easily update their messaging to promote specific products or services and even to synch to events as they occur during play. This has been responsible for increasing overall revenue for the Melbourne Cricket Ground , where they use digital signage to promote upcoming events and display live scores during games. Imagine how much more impactful a promotional campaign might be if it directly related to what the fans were seeing in real time on the pitch!

3. Enhanced Fan Experience

LED screens have revolutionised the way fans experience live events, with real-time updates and interactive features. Adelaide Oval has implemented a number of LED panels to enhance the fan experience, providing food and drink ordering options directly from the panels. This allows fans to stay engaged throughout the entire event and eliminates the need to leave their seats, providing a more convenient and enjoyable experience. And their installation is directly correlated to increased revenues.

The opportunities for LED panels in sports venues are endless, and Australian sports teams and venues have taken advantage of this by creating unique and engaging experiences for their fans while also increasing revenue. Join the revolution and transform your sports venue with LED technology.

Reach out if you want to work with us to create a unique fan experience for your venue. Call anytime on 1300 174 966 or you can reach me directly on email at


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