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SportsXGlobal is a division of Pixon Group, a company with a history of high tech led solutions and a passion for sports technologies.  Pixon Group is the brainchild of three leaders in the sports and technology industry who saw a gap in the market for sports fans, rights holders, and brands. With years of experience and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Matt Rudd, Danny Walk, and Ben Britton founded Pixon Group in 2019 and launched three operating units, each specialising in a key area.


Pixon Technologies took the lead in January 2019, with a focus on large-format, highly specialised LED displays, and other LED display-related hardware. Pixon Sports, on the other hand, leverages Pixon Group's extensive global network, as well as a strategic partnership with ASB. This partnership allows Pixon to represent ASB in basketball and specific venue operators in a range of global markets.


The platform is a Pixon Group innovation, backed with an immense amount of passion. With over 20 years of experience working with codes, clubs, stadiums, media agencies, and brands, Matt, Danny, and Ben realised that the sports sponsorship market was in dire need of disruption. What if brands could search a global database to find the perfect sponsorship opportunities, even if they weren't currently available? What if rights holders had access to a worldwide pool of interested bidders? With increased competition and seamless access, buyers would have more choice, and sellers could maximise their value.


That's where comes in. It's designed to do all that and more, making it infinitely more likely that compatible buyers and sellers will find each other. 


Join us on and take your sports sponsorship game to the next level.

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The leadership team

Matt Rudd

Global Chief Executive

Danny Walk_JPG.jpg
Danny Walk

Chief Operating Officer

Ben Britten_JPG.jpg
Ben Britten

Chief Technology Officer

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