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Don’t miss the boat.  Find your next sports sponsorship gem.

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Are you a brand or agency that knows the value of a sports sponsorship deal but often feels frustrated by the lack of visibility into available opportunities? Worried that you might miss out on the perfect chance to showcase your brand in front of the right code, club, venue, or athlete?


Gone are the days when you had to rely solely on your contact list to hear about opportunities that might be hitting the market soon. With, you have access to a one-stop marketplace where you can research assets, their key descriptors, timing, and price - even ones that aren't on the market yet. You'll be able to express your interest to the owner before negotiations even begin, putting you first in line for consideration.


And with the platform's built-in communication tools, you can easily and conveniently reach out to asset owners - privately or openly - and keep all your conversations organised and accessible at all times.


Join us now and unlock a world of sports sponsorship opportunities that you never knew existed.


Getting started is easy and there are so many features and benefits.


Create an account and your private details can be added or not and will only be shared with external parties on your approval.

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Make your public profile compelling with the ability to add categorised information or really bring it to life through detailed information and even the ability to add rich media.  We even offer a curation service where we can do all this work for you, with your full approval confirmed before making public.

You can search assets currently listed in the platform, whether they are on the market or not.

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See opportunities and their details.png

When you search you’ll be shown a neat and helpful list of all the assets that match your criteria.  Or simply browse sponsorship opportunities by Sport, Geography or Price

Click on any asset that takes your interest and you will be shown all the details provided by the rights holder. If, once you've taken a closer look, you wish to engage with the asset owner, it's as easy as clicking a button.

Make an enquiry about an opportunity.png
Contact the rightsholder.png

You may even wish to make general enquiries to one of the rights holders on the platform, even when they don't have a specific asset listed. We encourage all the asset owners to at least keep their Media Kit on the platform and this is another avenue through which you can make contact.


So, what are you waiting for?  Get started today and maximise the reach and value of your sports sponsorship opportunities.

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