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Time Takes Time: Embracing Change in the Sporting Sponsorship Landscape


In 2014, a bold proposal was presented to the AFL by 4 of the founding members of Pixon Group, urging them to endorse LED technology in their major stadiums. It took two years of perseverance and collaboration to witness the grand screens of MCG and Marvel powered by Pixon screens, forever transforming the live sports experience. The path to change is rarely swift, but as we venture into the dynamic landscape of today's sports industry, embracing innovation is vital to meet business goals. Our revolutionary digital marketplace for sponsorship buyers and sellers, SportsXGlobal, has emerged to revolutionise sponsorship asset trading, paving the way for global opportunities. However, seizing the advantages of this platform will require commitment and most importantly, time.

The Dilemma of Embracing Change

Implementing change is like measuring twice before cutting once. It demands careful consideration, especially since we are asking people to do things differently. The resistance to change is a common hurdle faced in various industries, including sports. Nevertheless, the rewards of adopting new technologies and platforms far outweigh any initial hesitations.

CEO's persistently drive their commercial teams to secure year-on-year revenue increases.

As the pie of sponsorship dollars remains relatively fixed in Australia, the competition to secure a share of it intensifies. To thrive in this environment, sporting clubs need to explore new horizons and tap into untapped markets. Examining sports like cricket (BBL) and basketball (NBL), where the codes dominate in other regions, reveals opportunities to attract global brands and secure international sponsorships. However, this demands creative approaches to capture attention in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

The Potential of SportsXGlobal

SportsXGlobal emerges as a game-changing solution for the sporting sponsorship landscape. It offers a transparent and open digital marketplace where sellers can list their sponsorship assets and target buyers worldwide. This platform facilitates direct communication between clubs and brands, presenting a vast array of opportunities.

Imagine every club, in every sport, in every country having a 'General Enquiry' page, enticing brands to initiate contact.

A simple click-and-drop mechanism that opens up possibilities for sponsorships, whether it's a comprehensive LED package or a back-of-jersey deal. Brands that once seemed out of reach could now be within grasp, unlocking a previously untapped pool of potential lucrative collaborations.

The Road to Full Value

As with any significant transformation, attaining full value from SportsXGlobal will take time. Yet, the benefits are undeniable. This platform offers a seamless transition from traditional sponsorship hunting to a technologically advanced and efficient method of connecting with potential partners. No more cold-calling; instead, a direct channel to engage with interested brands.

The sports industry, known for its passionate fan base and strong community ties, is no stranger to loyalty and dedication. So, let us channel that same spirit towards embracing change and innovation. The journey may not be instant, but it is one that will propel the entire sporting ecosystem forward, paving the way for lasting success.


Change is the cornerstone of development, and embracing it is crucial to achieving business goals in today's competitive sporting market. SportsXGlobal's innovative digital marketplace presents an unparalleled opportunity for clubs and venues to elevate their sponsorship game on a global scale. It is a call to action; to take the small step of creating an account, adding details, and opening doors to potential buyers. The path to success may be long, but the time to embark on this transformative journey is now. Embrace change, and together, we will redefine the future of sporting sponsorships.


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