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The sponsorship sales process is outdated and manual in digital world.


SPORTSXGLOBAL has streamlined this process connecting sponsors and teams easily and quickly.

02.   CHOICE

The fight for diminishing brand budgets is making selling sponsorship harder. In a cluttered and competitive market brands have never had more choice.

SPORTSXGLOBAL allows brands to view and filter the assets that best meet their requirements.  While teams get to be seen by many brands many of which they would never had access to before.

03.   COST

The cost per sales is high, and getting higher, driven by sales teams costs, 3rd party sales commissions and prospecting spend.

SPORTSXGLOBAL reduces those costs substantially.


Digital media buying technology is changing the way media is being sold, the sponsorship buying process is falling behind.

SPORTSXGLOBAL is now applying the buying technology to sponsorship.


A complex rights environment is difficult to navigate for most brands (and the agencies that represent them), fuelling a sub-industry of 'sponsorship expert' agencies that are laden with conflict or self-interest.

SPORTSXGLOBAL gives you a platform to easily navigate your sponsorship deals.

06.    GLOBAL

Meanwhile, brands are expanding into new markets and increasingly seeking fast-and-easy paths to market to help build their brands in these emerging markets.

SPORTSXGLOBAL gives brand an easy platform to find sponsorship opportunities in these new markets, and sports can be seen by brands they may never had considered.

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